Team Events

  • Celebration 2015

    Team photo at San Diego Celebration.
  • Celebration 2016

    Team photo at Las Vegas Celebration.
  • Celebration 2016

    Top leader recognition.
  • Beach House Retreat 2015

    Workouts on the beach!
  • NYKO 2015

    Millionaire Recognition Palm Springs.
  • Christmas 2015

    Team Christmas party at the beach house.
  • Celebration in L.A.

    Getting together for a fun team dinner at Isagenix Celebration.
  • Graduate Udana

    Graduate Udana, and trainers, Lenny, Brittney and Carl at a breakthrough weekend  retreat.
  • Britts Retreat

    Connecting with people and deciding your “Why” weekend retreat.  Enjoying the fresh air and beauty of the beach after a board breaking exercise.
  • NYKO Jan. 14

    Enjoying a great time at the Gaylord with a few team members getting inspired and excited!!
  • Beyond Courage Leadership Event

    Carl at Beyond Courage leadership event learning to take a “leap of faith,” go with his instincts and overcome obstacles.
  • Las Vegas Retreat

    Kathy LaMarr teaching attendees how to show their passion and how attitude is contagious at a one day retreat in Las Vegas.
  • Studio City, CA

    Inspirational personal development weekend held in Studio City, CA.  Attendees learned how to overcome limitations and disempowering beliefs.